About Us

Based in Dothan, AL, The Oaks Apparel company will soon be your first stop for  your children's clothing needs. With an eye for the style and craftsmanship of classic children's clothing, the brand celebrates the All-American Family and adventures they have together.  

Scott and Jennifer Kennedy are the owners of the Oaks Apparel Company. When deciding on a name, they looked to their faith for inspiration. Isaiah 61:3 provided the answer " They will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified."

Each design is named after friends, family and loved ones. Their vision for the company is to incorporate classic, timeless and superior craftsmanship in each of the designs. We hope that you enjoy looking, wearing and talking about the Oaks!

We are primarily a wholesale company selling to boutiques across the US and abroad.  If you are interested in wholesale for business then please contact us.  Thank you so much!    

-Be a Mighty Oak for the Lord!

We proudly select manufacturers that meet and exceed high standards and Fair Trade.


Fair Trade, what it means to us.

-We actively seek to create opportunities for economically and socially marginalized producers and their communities. 

-We build transparent and accountable relationships throughout our supply chain, promptly addressing issues as they arise.

-We build capacity by nurturing long-term partnerships where we learn and grow together.

-We actively promote fair trade as a creative alternative to traditional systems which often do not address injustice within the supply chain.

-We give prompt and fair payment for goods.  For us this means that we provide advance payment to producers to purchase raw materials and pay for wages during the production period.

-We support safe and empowering working conditions.  We seek to eliminate any type of discrimination and seek to empower producers to participate in decisions that affect them.

-We ensure the rights of children as defined by the UN as well and local laws and social norms. this includes the right to security, education and play.  We are committed to the eradication of child trafficking and exploitative child labor.

-We are committed to environmental stewardship and encourage environmentally sustainable practices throughout the entire trading chain.

-We celebrate cultural diversity in the communities where we work.  We balance market needs with the cultural heritage of the producers.