Top 10 Whole Brain Learning Toys

As a teacher, mother, psychometric analyst and academic consultant – I am a huge believer in play based learning! In order to set a foundation for learning activities must me captivating, engaging and child centered.

When introducing early learning concepts for children, it is best to turn up the excitement and get involved because parents and educators set the tone for learning. With this selection of toys, kids are learning, developing and socializing without realizing it is educational – it is playtime!

Here are my top 10 whole brain learning toys:

1.Puffy Washable Baby Books (4 months – 1.5 yrs.)
Reading with your child allows your baby to be introduced to early literacy concepts, hearing words, visual tracking, recognize word and sound patterns, while turning pages. This book set is perfect to throw in a diaper bag and be on the go! Machine washable for sanitization!

2.Bead Maze (12 months -2 yrs.)
There is a reason this toy was placed in pediatric waiting rooms for so long -this toy stimulates basic learning skills such as focus ability, visual tracking, hand-eye coordination and color recognition.

3.Jumbo Color Bears (18m – 3 Yrs.)
The colorful bears assist kids through the beginning stages of math development through counting, addition, subtraction and color sorting.

4.Velcro Busy Books (20m- 4 Yrs.)
This toy helps develop memory, logic, problem solving skills, and focus on task. This toy helps prepare for pre-k learning standards, perfect for at home learning.

5.Alphabet Popsicles ( 20m – 4 yrs)
These colorful ice pop pieces snap together with upper and lower case alphabet letters! Great for letter recognition, color matching, and informal assessment.

6.Marble Run and Magnet Tiles (3- 6Yrs.) (STEM)
Building toys will enhance social skills while increasing imagination, coordination and creativity! The Sky is the Limit.….literally.

7.Spelling Block Game (3-8 yrs)
This toy teaches object and letter recognition, matching, word association. Spelling blocks help kids to practice word building, taking turns, and sharing.

8.Water Bead Fiddle Fingers (3-8 yrs)
Kids will be able to scoop, clasp, and clamp beads with the play tweezer and scooping tools. Using each of these tools will help children tune their fine motor skills. This will occupy your child for hours and it can be an indoor or outdoor activity!

9.PlayDough Letter Stamps (2 - 4 yrs)
Playdough letter stamps will help your child explore pre reading and pre writing skills with building words, letter recognition, and formation pressure.

10.Math Wrap Ups (5-10 yrs)
This toy helps with skill building and self-actualization with correction. Whether its subtraction, addition, division, or multiplication, this kit has got you covered. Grade school children can learn how to sequence numbers together and memorize number patterns.

Jillian Chapman
BSCD, Ma,Ed, School Psychometrist

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