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Last fall, I began my full-time teaching career at Providence Christian School in Dothan, Alabama. This was and is such a special place to me filled with the sweetest, most passionate, and knowledgeable educators. Not only was I surrounded by wonderful colleagues and families, but this school touched my life as a student and learner myself. Needless to say, this opportunity was a dream for me. Starting this journey, I loved to look for ALL the things to make my classroom a warm, creative, and loving environment for my students. Coming from a teacher starting from scratch, I had quite a few needs and some just plain fun teacher wants.  I formed many relationships with my students’ families and they were so kind to think of me often and shower me with the sweetest teacher gifts. It means a TON as a teacher to be appreciated, y’all! I felt that all the time with my sweet class. SO, after collaborating with other fabulous teacher friends, I wanted to share some very useful, practical, and adorable gifts to get your precious teachers. Without further a-adieu, here we go….

I will begin with a few practical gifts to give those sweet teachers. One item that is a must and that we get all the feels using to grade, write notes, and everything in between is the Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens.  These are amazing and the colors are SO fun making lots of grading fun and colorful!

Flair Pens

Additionally, we teachers love a good notepad to jot quick notes or ideas on. I used my notepads daily! A cute, personalized notepad goes a long way to a teacher and my sweet friend with Grace Knight Designs can whip up the cutest ones. Let me just say this girls does it ALL, she recently designed my wedding invitations and they were perfection. Not only are personalized notepads a cute teacher gift, but she also does lots of other cute paper you can purchase for your teacher. One of the sweetest ideas that some of my students did for me was send in a Get to Know your Teacher sheet. This sheet had blanks for me to fill in ALL my favorite things from favorite candy to favorite store. This helped students and their families know how to personalize some of the gifts they sent in for me! SO thoughtful! Linked below is Carrie Grace’s website for you to order all these items.

Grace Knight Designs

A few other great gifts that teachers can use in and out of the classroom are a large water bottle and any kind of fun, cute carry bag. As teachers, we talk most of the day so having a great water bottle keeps us good and hydrated. And for the caffeine kick to start off the day OR the early afternoon a cute mug or insulated mug is a perfect gift. Also, teachers often bring work or their computer home with them. Having a nice, cute sturdy carry all bag is a great, useful gift to any and all teachers. I know many teachers including myself have a Bogg bag and these things are just GRAND. I know any teacher would be thrilled to receive one. I will link a few good water bottles below for a variety of budgets and will include a link to the bogg bags.

Water Bottles:

Silicone Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Coffee Mugs:

Best Teacher Mug

Garden Party Mug

Bogg Bags

Lastly, I wanted to share a great gift that can just add a great touch to any classroom – a cute potted plant. I had a pothos plant in my classroom this past year and it added a warmth and coziness to my classroom. In addition, pothos plants are easy, easy to take care of and provide effective air purification for common toxins. This is perfect to keep a safe and healthy classroom. Cute pots and amazing indoor plants can be found at two of my favorite plant nurseries Carroll’s Nursery and Dothan Nurseries. They are both super kind and helpful with the most beautiful plants and flowers. Check them out!!



I hope this is a helpful guide to help love on and encourage your teachers with these ideas. As a southern lady and teacher, I always want to make sure I thank my students and their families for going the extra mile and thinking of me. So, I find it important to write hand written thank you notes to stick in my student’s folder. It is a great way to teach students the importance of gratitude and the treasure of a hand written note. These are also GREAT gifts to purchase for teachers. Happy Shopping and Back to School!







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