Calm in the Chaos

A few days ago had you told me I would be sitting on my patio watching my kids play while working I would have laughed out loud. But here I sit, watching my children pretend to be seals in their inflatable pool. I’ve been working from home for two days and insanity started to take over on day one. Over the years, I have had many dreams.. Stay at home/work from home mom has never been one of them. But God has a sense of humor doesn’t He? Because here I am, working from home, trying to keep small humans alive, and sanitizing all the things. In fact, the irony of ME writing a blog about finding calm in the chaos is comical in itself. But, if there is one thing that I am certain about it’s that we can and will get through this, together.

The COVID-19 pandemic has moms all over the world shaken up. Many of you are in the first of what could be months of homeschooling. Some of you are trying to figure out who can care for your children as daycares and schools have closed, but you still have to go into work. Several of you are concerned for your next paycheck. All of our healthcare moms are living in constant fear of bringing it home to their families. Moms everywhere, including this one, are in full on panic mode trying to navigate their new normal while also trying to find toilet paper at the same time.  It’s a time of true chaos for us all.

The uncertainty of our economy, our children’s education, and even our careers are causing a burden on us all. As we try to navigate these next few days/weeks/months I have come up with four ways for us to maintain our sanity in the midst of the chaos.

1. Choose happiness. Just as you can choose to be angry that your sweet little angel woke up at 5AM you can choose to be happy about your situation. If you have to stay home with them, be happy that you have that choice. If you are a mom still having to go to work everyday, be happy that you still have a job. If you are a stay at home mom be happy that you’ve been preparing for this for years. Be happy.

2. Be kind. And let your children see that kindness. If you have an elderly parent, grandparent or neighbor ask them what they need. Ask how you can help. Have your children make cards for local nursing homes. Many of them can’t have visitors, and a card is certain to brighten their day. Often, the biggest blessing comes from serving others. What better way to calm you heart than being kind to others.

3. Pray. Dear God, calm my anxious heart. For years, this has been my most consistent prayer. Even when our world is a mess and we have true fear for tomorrow in our hearts, He is there.  Find comfort in Him. Do not worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all the He has done. Philippians 4:6 You can find peace knowing that He can and will calm your fears – you simply must ask.

4. Laugh. A LOT.  My family is a firm believer in the   laughter is the best medicine way of thinking. Laugh with your children, laugh with your friends (via text of course), and laugh at yourself. Just as us women sometimes need a good cry (maybe that’s just me) we also need a good laugh. Chances are your children are pretty funny…use this time to learn that about them and laugh, together.


At the end of the day let’s remember that, we are all in this together. We WILL survive.  Our children will by OKAY getting to actually be children the next few weeks. Social distancing is not the end of the world. And most importantly,  we have each other. When the news becomes to much to bear and your heart is filled with worry remember to choose happiness, be kind, pray often, and laugh always. As my Memaw always says, this too shall pass, friends!

 Air Hugs & Kisses

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