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A few weeks ago, I went to my happy place (aka Target) by myself. It was glorious. I strolled around for nearly 2 hours. My leggings got the best workout they’ve seen all year. I didn’t get eyed by Judge Judy on aisle 3 for my children acting like wild animals. I was able to feel like a normal, sane human being. I walked out of there with my head held high, Starbucks in hand, and a pair of $2.90 Christmas pajamas that I’ll most likely lose before I even get home.

The point is I did something for me and you should too. BUT maybe that something shouldn’t just be a once a month thing. Just maybe you should start practicing self care every single day. 

Hear me out. After I left Target, and inevitably went to pickup my kids, I was already feeling tired and defeated. You see friends, going on a solo trip to Target every now and then doesn’t just magically cure the fatigue of motherhood. But with God’s Grace YOU can. 

With the term self care becoming increasingly popular, it’s easy for us (preaching to myself sister) to use it as an “excuse” to buy all the things and go all the places. And I get it. I have {and probably still will} slap #selfcare up there to help justify that purchase to my husband. But the thing is, getting that manicure, buying that purse, or heck even going on a Target trip sans kids is really just a temporary high. It’s no different than me eating a 1/2 dozen hot Krispy Kreme donuts (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything). You feel great while you’re doing it, but after we are often left feeling empty. 

So here’s a little bit of new found knowledge that I hope helps you as much as it has me. Recently, I’ve learned that self care comes in many different shapes, forms, and fashions. And most importantly, that everyone’s version is different. But regardless of how you approach self care, the end goal should be that you are acknowledging YOUR body, mind and soul’s primary needs - every single day. In the same way that we feed our children when they are hungry and nurture them back to health when they are sick, our bodies need that too. As a 30-year-old working mom of two I get it. It’s hard. Everyday we wake up and put the needs of our husband, children, and everyone else ahead of our own. And this is why YOU are a real life super hero, momma. Your ability to be all the things to all the people make you a rock star.  Your family and friends are so lucky to have you. But just think what if they could have an even better version of you, a version that YOU can feel good about too?

You see friends, you can’t be the wife/mom/friend that God intended you to be if you aren’t first, and foremost, taking care of you. So from one struggling mom to another here are few ways to practice self care, daily.

  • Have a quiet time. As a busy mom, this may be the only part of your day that is indeed quiet. So use it wisely. Meditate. Praise God for all the things He’s blessed you with. Pray for your mood, your children’s mood, your husband’s mood and then maybe {definitely} your mood just one more time. {Okay so maybe that’s just me.} But seriously, everyone’s quiet time will look different and that’s totally okay. What better way to start your day than feeding your spirit?
  • Drink water. Okay so I love a McDonald’s Diet Coke as good as the next person, but my body does not. Skip things that hurt your body more than help. And maybe this just means instead of two cokes a day you chose just one. Baby steps my friends. Side note: More water equals less face puffiness. #justsaying 
  • Read a book. There’s absolutely nothing better than getting lost in a good book. Whether it’s an autobiography or some trashy romance novel, pick a book out and read it. Better yet, start a book club with some of your girlfriends. Not only will you get the joy that comes from getting lost in a good book, but you’ll also get a monthly girl’s night! #winwin 
  • Take a walk. Lace up your Adidas, grab your earphones {I think the cool kids use Air Pods}, and head to the walking trail. Crank up that old school Britney Spears and walk it out sister. I promise you won’t regret it. After all, getting your heart pumping and getting to be your own DJ is pretty hard to beat.
  • Put on the makeup. Not for anyone else, but just for you momma. When I was off work around Christmas, I went without it for about 4 days and while it was freeing at first, I began to feel blah towards the end. You see sometimes you need to just take the time and put on the makeup. Not for your husband or for anyone else but simply for you. When you feel like you look good on the outside it often leads to feeling good on the inside!  

You are important. You are worth it. You matter, momma. So spend time caring for yourself not once a month or even once a week but instead daily. Because remember, a happy momma makes a happy life! 





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